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Disclaimer *Prices may vary. Not all vehicles with specific features may be in stock. See dealer for details.

We at Barnes-Baker Automotive uphold that our pricing is and always will be competitive and most importantly, backed by a guarantee of trust and service. After all, customer service is what ‘buying local’ is all about. We are proud of our extensive inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles and can stand by each and every one.

When it comes to our pre-owned inventory, we work hard to purchase vehicles that come from our local community. This allows us to not only know and trust the background of each vehicle, but also put that money right back in our community! We are always looking to buy pre-owned vehicles, even if you don’t purchase one yourself! If you have a vehicle you are looking to sell or trade, stop in and we’ll make an offer – no obligation, no hassle!

At Barnes-Baker Automotive we are committed to having the best selection of new Ford cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. We take stocking our inventory very seriously and make sure we have those vehicles that are in demand. So whether you’re looking for luxury or a truck to pull your fishing boat, Barnes-Baker Automotive has your needs covered!

Because customer service is so important to us, we offer a full line of parts and vehicle accessories for all our Ford model cars, making it easier and more convenient for you! Our location and new state of the art facility is specifically designed to provide the best possible service, bar none.

Call 888-504-9273 for any inquiries regarding Purchasing, Financing, or Servicing a New or Pre-Owned vehicle.

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Model Research
  • 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid in Trenton
    Ford C-Max Hybrid

    $24,170 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Fiesta in Trenton
    Ford Fiesta

    $14,455 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Focus in Trenton
    Ford Focus

    $17,170 As Shown*

  • 2016 Ford Fusion in Trenton
    Ford Fusion

    $22,600 As Shown*

  • 2016 Ford Fusion Energi in Trenton
    Ford Fusion Energi

    $33,900 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Mustang in Trenton
    Ford Mustang

    $23,800 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Taurus in Trenton
    Ford Taurus

    $27,055 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford F-150 in Trenton
    Ford F-150

    $25,800 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford F-250 in Trenton
    Ford F-250

    $31,810 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford F-350 in Trenton
    Ford F-350

    $34,905 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Edge in Trenton
    Ford Edge

    $28,100 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Escape in Trenton
    Ford Escape

    $23,450 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Expedition in Trenton
    Ford Expedition

    $44,585 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Explorer in Trenton
    Ford Explorer

    $30,700 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Flex in Trenton
    Ford Flex

    $29,100 As Shown*

  • 2014 Ford Econoline Cargo Van in Trenton
    Ford Econoline Cargo Van

    $28,600 As Shown*

  • 2014 Ford Econoline Wagon in Trenton
    Ford Econoline Wagon

    $30,230 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Transit Cargo Van in Trenton
    Ford Transit Cargo Van

    $30,540 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Transit Connect in Trenton
    Ford Transit Connect

    $22,330 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Transit Connect Wagon in Trenton
    Ford Transit Connect Wagon

    $24,710 As Shown*

  • 2015 Ford Transit Wagon in Trenton
    Ford Transit Wagon

    $32,270 As Shown*